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Safety Before Fun

By DCZ News | Published on April 21, 2017
Slots Echtgeld
Slots Echtgeld | Enlarge
Gambling in the Democratic Republic of Congo is a booming industry. It is an industry that has been helped by legalization over ten years ago; having many casinos featuring thousands of slots and tables grow overnight. Nevertheless, it is also a primal spot for legalized online gambling to also take place.

Having deep connections with the German community, it is no wonder that sites like, the number one German casino site is well known over there. Slotsechtgeld features over two-hundred slot machines and gambling tables: Including baccarat, black jack, and poker. Though unlike many casinos it offers less games, it does however provide a premium in security, which is its standard bearer.

Security is a top priority as Congo has had past dealings with moderate levels of street-crime; therefore security – especially in the gaming business – has always been a priority. Yet there are those who would still prefer to avoid unnecessary risks. The best they can obtain from Slotsechtgeld is their safety guarantee.

Slotsechtgeld’s software is designed to prevent any illegal hacking and mishandling of information. Furthermore, it has various payment security steps which further increase the level of security. You can choose from three separate payment methods. The classical method is by registering a valid debit or credit card. Then again, you could also choose to use an eWallet. But the best way – and the one recommended by the site – is by using a Paysafe card, which can be easily obtained from any supermarket, gas station, or convenience store.

Curiously enough, this is the same payment method that has been developed by Apple’s iTunes, Sony’s Playstation, and Microsoft’s Xbox. These types of payments have become very popular due to their safety; in fact, they are impossible to hack since each card sports a unique PIN.

Nevertheless, don’t forget that you will need to register a valid bank account since if you fail to do this, you won’t be able to withdraw your earnings.

In spite of all these safety precautions, Slotsecthgeld does advice its users to constantly inform themselves on Internet safety and security measures, as well as routinely check their antivirus and firewalls as to prevent any sort of malign activity. One can always strive to be safe and cautious but there are still people out there looking to easily pry away with your winnings and future earnings by hacking into your account.

When you’re looking for a new online casino, you would normally look for those that offer as many games as possible. But safety should not be overlooked. Slotsechtgeld forgoes the fact of having several games. To them, the most important feature they can offer their customers is safety, the safety of having them know that no matter what, their information is safe with them and no harm can come to their customers.

If they are able to guarantee this with 100% certainty, then it doesn’t matter if they have 5, 50, 200, or thousands of online games. Safety is key to a happy customer.

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