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Fight Continues in DRC Between Ugandan Rebels, UN-Congolese Forces

VOA News - December 26, 2005

Fighting continues in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, where a joint force of United Nations and Congolese troops is trying to subdue Ugandan rebels.

Reports of new clashes Monday follow a battle in North Kivu province Sunday. The United Nations says at least 35 rebels were killed, along with three Congolese government troops and an Indian U.N. peacekeeper.

A U.N. spokesman, Major Hans-Jakob Reichenm, says about 3,500 Congolese troops and 600 U.N. peacekeepers are battling an estimated 1,000 Ugandan rebels.

U.N. and Congolese forces are trying to assert government control in North Kivu and other areas dominated by local militias and foreign rebels using eastern Congo as a base.

The offensives were launched after Congo's constitutional referendum last week. Partial results from the vote show the new constitution heading toward overwhelming approval.

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