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African Americans Celebrate Lumumba's Birthday With Unveiling of Lumumba Sculpture

Friends of the Congo - July 4, 2007

Lumumba Statue Patrice Emery Lumumba (July 2, 1925 - January 17, 1961) was the first freely elected Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Beloved by his people, he was assassinated by western interests for advocating that the Congo's vast mineral wealth be used first and foremost, to benefit the people of the Congo.

A monument by Nijel PBG will pay tribute to the vision and legacy of Patrice Emery Lumumba. Based on his 17 inch tall bronze sculpture, the monument will feature a realistic, over life-sized bronze statue of the Prime Minister; tall, stately, left foot stepping forward, and looking ahead.

Lumumba's right hand rests lightly on a globe of the earth. Africa is the centerpiece. Jutting out of the continent are gems symbolic of gold, diamonds, and other strategic minerals.

The globe is held aloft by additional symbols of resources that were expropriated from the Congo during decades of Belgian rule. These resources include ivory from elephant tusks, rubber, a collection of Congolese art and sacred wood carvings.

In Lumumba's left hand is a scroll dated "June 30, 1960". The scroll represents his famous Independence Day speech delivered on that day before the nation, and the Belgian monarchy.

The Lumumba Monument Project Overview
The Lumumba Monument Project based on Nijel's "Patrice Lumumba: The Vision, The Legacy" sculpture will be undertaken in three distinct and complimentary phases designed to support the success of each following phase.

In Phase 1 the artist has created a limited edition of seven (7) Artist's Proofs.

"The Vision" is a 17 inch tall sculpture of Lumumba. It is finished in a bronze and black patina. The statue stands on a black granite, rectangular base with a sloping front. A black name plate is attached. The date on the scroll Lumumba holds is highlighted in gold leaf. Lumumba's trademark glasses are included and are removable.

"The Legacy" contains a globe, rubber plant, wood carvings and ivory tusks. Each globe includes a different semi-precious mineral inside. The structure sits on a rectangular onyx, or brown marble base.

The ivory tusk in the two remaining Artist's Proof edition contains a very special, and rare feature. Engraved in the bronze and highlighted with gold leaf is the signature of Guy Patrice Lumumba, the youngest son of Patrice Lumumba!

Only two (2) statues are left in this edition. They are available for $3,500. each. Each statue is numbered and signed by the artist Nijel BPG and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. To purchase one of the remaining statues please send a check or money order to "Nijart International, 2131 So. Hoover Street, Suite #101, Los Angeles, CA 90007. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.

Should you wish to make a tax exempt contribution to the Lumumba Monument Project, please click here!

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