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Airplane crashes in the east, no survivors

MISNA - September 6, 2005

An old Antonov 26 aircraft crashed near the Isiro airport, in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, killing all 11 people abord including 3 crew members and 8 passengers.

11 die in Isiro plane crash

IRIN - September 6, 2005

An Antonov 26 aircraft crashed at the town of Isiro in the Democratic Republic of Congo's northeastern province of Orientale, killing eleven people, a UN spokesman said.

Rwanda begins extraditing Congolese dissidents

IRIN - September 5, 2005

The Democratic Republic Congo (DRC) announced on Saturday that Rwanda had begun extraditing dissidents associated with a breakaway army general in eastern Congo, Laurent Nkunda.

Kigali deports six congolese for "activities likely to jeopardise regional security"

MISNA - September 3, 2005

After Kampala, also Kigali has deported from its territory 6 Congolese nationals that taking advantage of the refugee status conceded to them by the Rwandan government were plotting' against the new government of Kinshasa.

Epidemic in diamond area identified as pneumonic plague

IRIN - September 3, 2005

At least 38 people have died and at least 1,300 others are diagnosed with a disease the UK-based medical NGO Merlin calls a highly contagious form of pneumonic plague, which broke out in July in the remote diamond mining area of Libaku ya Suka in the Democratic Republic of Congo's eastern Maniema Province.

AWOL soldiers return to base

IRIN - September 2, 2005

One of two army battalions in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) that the military reported as missing on 26 August, may not have been absent; while the other battalion has since returned to its barracks, Defence Minister Adolphe Onusumba said on Thursday.

US $150 million grant from World Bank; $39.2 million loan from IMF

IRIN - September 2, 2005

The International Monetary Fund announced on Thursday that it would increase low-interest lending to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) by US $39.2 million while the World Bank announced that it will provide a new grant of US $150 million to improve the country's health services and control malaria.

Soldiers go AWOL as dissident leader issues call to arms

IRIN - August 31, 2005

The day after a dissident army leader in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) called for an insurrection, the 53rd Army Battalion and four companies of the 2nd Mixed Battalion in the east of the country went missing.

Congolese Defence Minister Adolphe Onusumba has confirmed a cholera outbreak among government troops in Goma, in North Kivu.

MISNA - August 27, 2005

Congolese Defence Minister Adolphe Onusumba has confirmed a cholera outbreak among government troops in Goma, in North Kivu. The Minister specified that 10 soldiers of the fourth army brigade have died and 150 are infected. The army brigade of 3,200 men was headed in the past three days toward Ituri. Onusumba added that antibiotics and health material has been sent.

Child soldiers: for them the war is never over

MISNA - August 26, 2005

There are about 12,500 young girl soldiers that fought in the Dem. Republic of Condo (RDC) in the regular army ranks as well as in the various pro or anti-government militias.

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